Radical rethinking necessary: Infection mainly takes place via aerosols

In an open letter, leading German aerosol scientists call for a radical rethinking of the Corona measures by the federal and state governments. With a clear message, they have gained a lot of media attention in recent days.

  • According to the researchers, infections mainly occur via infectious aerosols indoors: "If we want to get a grip on the pandemic, we have to make people aware that the danger lurks INSIDE," they say.
  • Although the clear findings have long been scientifically proven, they have not been "translated into practical action" by policymakers.
  • The central demand: Instead of banning meetings in parks and enforcing curfews, responsible politicians at the federal and state level should focus on protecting against infection indoors.


Six points for more safety indoors

The researchers concretize their demands in six valid points. In addition to consequent, intensive ventilation and a stricter obligation to wear masks indoors, they further demand, among other things:

"Indoor air cleaners and filters should be installed wherever people have to spend extended periods of time indoors (residential homes, schools, nursing homes, care facilities, offices and other workplaces)."

"This is a clear demand from leading aerosol experts in this country," says Carsten Hermann, co-developer of the AiroDoctor®. "Professional air purifiers like the AiroDoctor are ready to provide more safety indoors. This is the only way to truly reduce the risk of infection."


Read the open letter here.