Major challenges: Healthy air increasingly crucial

Area-wide closures and a heap of work: The pandemic posed and still is posing major challenges to the entire hospitality industry: Processes had to be restructured, hygiene concepts rethought and premises remodeled. Much of this new, complex organization is centered around indoor air: in lobbies and corridors, hotel rooms and wellness areas, meeting and seminar rooms, bars and restaurants.

It is still necessary to minimize the risk of infection by infectious aerosols in the long term - under all circumstances. At the same time, the topic also concerns health and safety at work: the workplace as well as common and recreational areas for staff must also be considered in the overall concept.


Good air quality:  Important factor for guests

The larger a hotel, the more complex the ventilation strategies. Regular window ventilation is only an effective means of ensuring sufficiently clean air in very few cases. Therefore, the focus is increasingly on ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP also notes in Hy4HoGa - Hygiene concepts for open-plan areas in hotels and restaurants:

"Wherever normal ventilation is not sufficient, air purification technologies - mobile or integrated into ventilation systems - are an additional option to reduce viral loads."

Guests have many questions, and every hotel manager wants to be able to give clear answers. Because only when the guest feels safe, he can relax and enjoy the stay.

  • Is it possible to ventilate all rooms sufficiently with fresh air?
  • Is the technology safe or can it become a virus spreader?
  • What does Corona mean for the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment?


The solution: Patented photocatalytic air purification with AiroDoctor

An answer to all these questions is provided by the certified and patented air purification technology of AiroDoctor®: UV-A photocatalysis. Photocatalysis, a hazard-free chemical reaction of UV-A radiation on a catalyst, creates oxygen radicals that neutralize 99.9 % of all pathogens and pollutants. Viruses and bacteria filtered from the air are thus rendered permanently harmless.

As a long-term solution, AiroDoctor offers no less than three air purification concepts for new installation or retrofitting that use this highly effective technology:

Issues such as cleaning and maintenance become significantly less dangerous and more cost-effective in the short, medium and long term with AiroDoctor technology. Both AiroDoctor concepts sustainably ensure more safety for staff and guests - safely, durably and highly effectively.


Air Purification: Significance for the entire hospitality industry

✅ Feel-good moments and relaxation for guests

✅ A healthy working environment for all employees

✅ Added value and competitive advantage for all operators