Healthy indoor air for employees, guests and customers

Attention owners, installers and planners: Anyone who is currently on the verge of equipping or retrofitting the premises of offices, schools or stores with a new air purifier solution often asks themselves a fundamental question: do you purchase several mobile air purifiers at once for many and large rooms? Or do you prefer to use an air handling unit, i.e. a central air purification solution such as the AiroDoctor V10? This is available in variants as an active standalone system with controlled ventilation and heat recovery and as a passive in-duct module.


How to find the right air purifier solution!

We have summarized the most important criteria in the following table:

Mobile air purifier

AiroDoctor® HVAC system

Room size-ideal for individual rooms
-several units in parallel operation necessary for large rooms or high number of persons
-ideal for entire buildings, large rooms, high ceilings, many people
Maintenance effort-monthly cleaning
-annual filter change
-no cleaning required
-annual filter change
Operation-manual switching on and off as required or
-continuous operation in automatic mode
-automatic air cleaning
-no need to switch on and off
Safety-safety instructions for installation
-safe stand mandatory
-device is accessible
-automatic switch-off recommended
-system is safely installed
-inaccessible for passenger traffic
Required space-flexibly positionable in the room
-observe positioning instructions
-fixed installation at / under the ceiling or outside the room
Positioning-as central as possible or close to the persons to be protected-central installation
-continuous optimal positioning
-can also be installed outside the room
Operating volume-audible in the corresponding room-audible in the corresponding room
-installation also possible outside the room
Power / device size-from 480 m³/h to 1250 m³/h
-unit size proportional to the capacity
-1000 m³/h
-size irrelevant for daytime operation, since ceiling installation
-several units can be combined for higher capacity or larger rooms


Attention! Rely on the appropriate technology!

No matter which solution you choose: Make sure you use the right air purifier technology! Especially in large premises and buildings, a powerful, reliable and safe air purification is essential. At the core of this is the following:

  • Real elimination: filtered pathogens and pollutants are not accumulated in the system but are effectively and sustainably destroyed
  • No by-products: No harmful by-products such as ozone or formaldehyde are released in the air purification process
  • Intelligent automatic mode: A sensor continuously measures the air flow and goes into operation when needed



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