ISO 16000-36:2018 certification: efficacy for filtering airborne bacteria

Another ISO certification awarded for the AiroDoctor®! In March 2021, the four stage filter air purifier was tested and certified according to ISO 16000-36:2018 in a standardized test chamber procedure. ISO 16000-36:2018 is the "Indoor air standard method for evaluating the rate of reduction of culturable bacteria in air by air purifiers using a test chamber". For this purpose, the AiroDoctor was exposed to different bacterial pollution in a test chamber in order to be able to determine its efficiency in a valid and comparable manner.

➤ ➤ The result: 99.9% reduction rate for airborne bacteria!


Tests under ISO conditions with Corona-like aerosols: efficacy with airborne viruses

Even though there is currently no ISO test procedure for the elimination of airborne viruses by air purifiers, the effectiveness of air purifiers can be investigated in the same test chambers under ISO conditions. Recently, for example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP published the results of their air purifier test runs conducted in this way, in which they used the surrogate virus Phi6. Surrogate viruses are "substitute viruses" that are used for other, usually dangerous viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. Corona-like surrogate viruses were also used in the AiroDoctor for the test chamber tests: the enterobacteriophage MS2 as well as the human coronavirus OC43.

➤➤ The result: 99.9% reduction rate for airborne viruses!

"We are very pleased that the effectiveness of the AiroDoctor has been proven and certified in a standardized test chamber procedure. Such tests are important to make the performance of air purifiers transparent and comparable." - Carsten Hermann, co-developer of the AiroDoctor


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