AiroDoctor Luftreiniger für Büros


Poor indoor air in offices and workrooms

In its workplace regulation ASR A3.6, the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin, BAUA) states under the heading "Ventilation" that "in enclosed workrooms, breathing air that is beneficial to health must be available in sufficient quantity." As a rule, the quality of this "breathing air beneficial to health" corresponds to that of the outside air. The indoor climate, just like lighting and acoustics, must be beneficial to workers.


Stressed workplaces: Health risk and challenge

BAUA's primary focus is on workplaces that are contaminated with foreign substances that are hazardous to health as a result of production: Vapors, exhaust gases, fibers, abrasion and fine dust particles. Particularly strict measurement procedures and occupational safety measures apply at these workplaces. These include a strict ventilation regime with an adequate supply of fresh air, special ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and the use of respiratory protection masks to FFP standard.


Particularly dangerous: The unknown pollutant load

But even workplaces without production-related exposure can have indoor air that is hazardous to health - and without the knowledge of the employer and employee. Years of exposure initially lead to isolated, non-specific allergic reactions in the respiratory tract and on the skin. Over decades, this can develop into asthma and, in the final instance, serious lung and cancer diseases, without ever knowing the cause. In this context, the building material asbestos has become sadly famous in recent decades, and contaminated buildings and premises still have to be demolished or renovated at great expense. Other - mostly undetected - pollutants include harmful emissions from carpets and coverings, such as formaldehyde or microfibers. Mold spores, especially in buildings with old structures or in libraries, also pose a significant risk of illness in the workplace.


In the office: Between fresh-air fanatics and frostbites

Even in workplaces not polluted by harmful substances, a good indoor climate is of central importance. Let's imagine an open-plan office where a quarter of the employees are declared fresh-air fanatics, a quarter are sensitive to drafts, a quarter suffer from hay fever and the last quarter are smokers. Ensuring balanced, healthy and odor-free indoor air here can become an almost insurmountable task and poison the climate between employees, even in a figurative sense.


Only a healthy workplace is a good workplace

The AiroDoctor air purifier is the solution to all the challenges of indoor air management in the workplace. Its cleaning performance is designed for rooms of up to 200 square meters, and its quiet operating volume is not a disruptive element for everyday working life. Thanks to its powerful quadruple filter system, the AiroDoctor adsorbs fine dust, microfibers, pollen and spores and neutralizes unpleasant odors and harmful gases. With the help of the innovative UV-LED photocatalytic filter based on titanium dioxide, it destroys even the smallest viruses and bacteria, without toxic residues, sustainably and environmentally friendly. Because only a healthy workplace is a good workplace.