As normality returns

Incidences in many countries are at a new low. Mandatory masks: disappearing from public spaces in many places. The old normality is returning step by step. Just in time for the start of summer, people are once again flocking to outdoor restaurants, beer gardens and open-air events. The aim is to minimize the residual risk with rapid tests. But is everything really as well as it seems?


Delta: An aggressive variant, also dangerous for vaccinated persons

Not at all. Countries like the United Kingdom show what we can expect with the more aggressive variants of SARS-CoV-2. Currently, the delta variant B.1.617.2 is causing concern, as the latest study from Public Health England warns:

  • The most dangerous mutation to date is one-third more contagious than the alpha variant, it leads more frequently to severe courses and is more often fatal.
  • The good news is that vaccinations are generally effective against delta.
  • The bad news: even vaccinated people have a residual risk of serious disease. The latest figures show that delta is ten times more dangerous for vaccinated people than the alpha variant in this case. The researchers recorded not only a significant increase in severe courses of the disease, but also in deaths.


The risk remains: Infectious aerosols indoors

Herd immunity in the population has not yet been achieved anywhere. Different virus variants are being closely watched by researchers and their spread monitored. What they will bring is yet uncertain.

"We need to keep minimizing the residual risk of infection via infectious aerosols, in parallel with vaccination and rapid testing. Healthy indoor air remains an important issue in the short, medium and long term."- Carsten Hermann, co-developer of AiroDoctor®

Experts also warn not to be too quick to throw overboard the obligation to wear masks and keep your distance indoors. Furthermore, they advocate the purchase of powerful air purifiers, especially for schools and generally indoor places where many people get together, such as restaurants. Infectious aerosols indoors must remain a serious concern.