Expert's report confirms high efficacy

An expert’s report commissioned by the international acclaimed Charité institute in Berlin certifies that the AiroDoctor® WAD-M20 air purifier is highly effective in cleaning indoor air of airborne infectious agents and allergens. In addition, the experts confirm that no harmful by-products, in particular ozone, are emitted. In their report, they therefore make a clear recommendation for the use of the AiroDoctor M20 in daycare centers and schools. The basis for assessing the effectiveness was, among other things, a real-life study conducted by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) in cooperation with a Berlin secondary school.

"We are delighted with these thoroughly positive findings from Charité. The results of the study under real-life conditions were able to confirm the previous results from laboratory tests. This is a good sign for everyday school life during the Corona pandemic and beyond." - Carsten Hermann, CEO of ScreenSource GmbH


Renowned ECARF Seal for allergy-friendly products

The expert' s report also attests that the professional air purifier AiroDoctor M20 makes an important contribution to a healthy everyday school life for allergy sufferers. Since no ozone is released during air purification, the air is not noticeably cooled, and the exhaust air is odorless, the AiroDoctor meets all the criteria required by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). The air purifier has therefore recently been awarded the ECARF Seal for allergy-friendly products and services.



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Read the text of the expert' s report here! (German)