With the children’s recent return to school, many parents are concerned about the lack of ventilation in the classrooms, which can cause contagion levels to rise again in various places.

At present, many schools do not know that, despite continuing to wear masks and apply the protocols, this may be insufficient if other complementary factors are not taken into account. Even more so when the time inside the classroom can be extended for 5 or 6 hours a day.


Some measures to take into account

One of the most elementary measures to preserve air quality in classrooms is ventilation. Encouraging the circulation of fresh air is an excellent option to avoid the proliferation of harmful particles among students, which is one of the most important concerns among parents.

Currently, there are hundreds of options to ventilate these spaces, however, buying a portable air purifier for each class is the safest and most effective option. These appliances are not excessively expensive and, in addition, there are online tools that help you to calculate the size of the cleaner to be used according to the space and people there are.

Another more traditional option is to create air currents by opening windows and doors, so that ventilation intersects to ensure that the air is constantly renewed and there is less risk.

In addition to preserving health, another great advantage of improving air quality lies in improving the performance and cognitive function of students during exams, so it is also an opportunity to provide great benefits for many years to the new generations.


Schools prepare to upgrade their spaces

At a time when some parents have begun to acquire portable air purifiers, some schools have declared that they do not have the budget to purify the air in all spaces. While this work was long overdue, the pandemic has made some abandoned tasks unavoidable over the years. 

Faced with this situation, experts such as Dr. Joseph Allen assure that acquiring good ventilation systems, whether portable or not, is an investment in the future. "These are things that we should have been doing for a long time to protect ourselves against other respiratory viruses like influenza. Studies also show that better air quality improves student test performance as well as cognitive function, "explains Dr. Allen. 

While schools manage to optimize their ventilation systems, opening windows or using portable air purifiers remains a good option to preserve air quality and prevent particle proliferation in these environments.