AiroDoctor V10: Professional air purification for large indoor spaces

Large rooms, high ceilings, entire building complexes: AiroDoctor® launches AiroDoctor V10, another powerful air purification solution. In the segment of room air conditioning / HVAC systems, AiroDoctor now offers two systems:


AiroDoctor V10: More safety for employees, guests and customers

In hotels and restaurants, offices and conference centers, universities, schools, daycare centers, stores and malls: AiroDoctor's active and passive ventilation systems ensure greater safety and well-being at all levels - during the Corona pandemic and beyond. With environmentally friendly, high-impact technology and low maintenance requirements, they are key components for Corona hygiene concepts. These two AiroDoctor solutions ensure healthy indoor air at all levels:


➤➤ AiroDoctor V10-250 / V10-1000: Active system (standalone)

  • Active ventilation system (standalone) with HEPA filter, photocatalysis module and heat recovery
  • Ventilation by mixing with outdoor air or circulation of indoor air
  • Automatic mode detects PM2.5 and CO2 levels and adjusts airflow


➤➤ AiroDoctor V10P-ID: Passive in-channel module (fanless)

  • Passive filter module with photocatalysis module, suitable for new construction and retrofitting.
  • Easy adaptation and integration into existing ventilation ducts without interfering with the main system
  • Automatic mode sensor continuously measures airflow and activates photocatalysis only when the main system is operating


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UV-A photocatalysis: antiviral and antibacterial filter technology

Like all AiroDoctor air purifiers, the HVAC systems also work with the certified and internationally patented photocatalysis technology. This technology sustainably, safely and effectively eliminates 99.9 % of pathogens and pollutants indoors and ensures completely safe and fresh indoor air. The special feature of this technology is that particles hazardous to health do not accumulate within the system, but are decomposed and rendered harmless without leaving any residue. No critical by-products such as ozone or formaldehyde are emitted in the process.


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