Interesting results: A new study shows in detail when and where people are most likely to contract SARS-CoV-2. According to the study, an average working day without a mask in the office is more dangerous than expected. Sustainable solutions for a healthy indoor climate in the office are air purifiers like the AiroDoctor.


Justified fear of infection in the workplace

In a previous blog post, we reported that since the beginning of the pandemic, about one-third of all employees were and are afraid of a Corona infection at work. It was not only employees from social professions, but also employees with classic office jobs who were worried. The new results of a detailed study by the Hermann Rietschel Institute at the Technical University (TU) of Berlin now show that the fear of infection at the workplace is entirely justified.


Covid-19 infection via aerosol particles

Evaluation of indoor spaces with regard to the situational R-value

Comparative illustration of typical indoor situations: Covid-19 contagion via aerosol particles Comparative assessment of indoor situations with respect to situational R-value (Martin Kriegel, Anne Hartmann / Hermann Rietschel Institute, FG Energy, Comfort and Health in Buildings, TU Berlin 2021).


A whole day at the office is 8 times more dangerous than shopping at the supermarket

In the study, typical everyday situations with different parameters such as persons present, level of respiratory output and residence times were investigated. The researchers assumed that one person was infected in each case and that hygiene rules such as keeping a distance and ventilation were implemented. They examined, for example, the risk of infection while traveling on public transportation, during an average workday at the office, while visiting the gym, and while shopping at the supermarket. The workday in the office (without masks) was almost the top performer, despite half occupancy.  Only in a crowded high school was the risk of infection even higher. In comparison, the figures look something like this:

The risk of infection in the office (eight hours, half the workforce, without mask) is

  • eight times higher than shopping in a crowded supermarket (with mask)
  • three times higher than going to a half-full restaurant
  • twice as high as working out in the gym (without mask)


Air purifier against infectious aerosols in offices

There is also good news: As expected, the settings in which masks were worn performed significantly better than the settings without masks. Also, commuting to work does not seem to be a pandemic driver: a half-hour trip by public transport was less dangerous than supermarket shopping. But the longer people stayed in the same room with one or even more infected people, the higher the risk of becoming infected, for example in offices. And here comes another piece of good news: air purifiers. The high risk of infection in offices can be reduced easily, safely and sustainably with air purifiers. AiroDoctorⓇ, for example, cleans the air in rooms up to 200sqm and can significantly reduce the risk of infection via infectious aerosols by up to 70%, as studies have shown. In rooms larger than 200sqm, several units can be easily set up and connected in parallel. The AiroDoctor operates at a low noise level and does not disturb concentrated work.