When many people think of New Year’s resolutions, they think of ways to improve for the coming year. What if we expanded those aspirations to include resolutions that also benefit our communities, society, and the planet?

It may not be a typical approach, but it can help you broaden your horizons and find ways in which you can also be of service to others.

Here are some popular New Year’s goals with a twist to improve your relationship with nature in 2022 and beyond.


Think about how your actions impact the environment

Each of us has an environmental ethic that reflects how we value and relate to nature. Balancing the balance between how much we give and how much we receive can improve this relationship in many ways. Whether it’s our addiction to single-use plastics or the fossil fuels that heat the planet, a poorly managed relationship with nature is not doing us or the Earth any favors.

In 2022, we can all think about how our actions worsen environmental problems. We can also encourage Governments and businesses to facilitate environmental protection for people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds. This includes making recycled products affordable and reliable public transport widely accessible.


Learn something new about nature and how to reduce damage to the environment

Clean air, water, and soil are critical to our survival, but research shows that many people lack basic knowledge about the environment and health.

In 2022, know your impact on the environment. Read more and start exploring ways to preserve the integrity of your area’s natural resources.

You can also support local educators and encourage them to incorporate the environment into the lessons. Environmental problems overlap with many other issues, from history to health.


Spend more time in nature

Studies show that spending time in nature, including urban green spaces, can improve your relationship with nature and others.

During the pandemic, many people discovered the outdoors as a place to relax and reduce stress. Spending more time outdoors can encourage social interactions that benefit health, cushion emotional distress, and encourage the use of these spaces, which can help protect them for the future.


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