The AiroDoctor Mini: Small, highly effective and to-go

We present the newest member of the AiroDoctor® family: The small, powerful AiroDoctor Mini (WAD-S10) is available! Like its bigger brother, the Mini works with a HEPA filter as well as the patented and certified UV-A LED photocatalysis. The Mini is 425 g light, 21 cm high and achieves a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 12 m3/h. A three-level light indicator continuously signals the current air quality.


Battery operated and always with you: In the car, at work, on vacation

Thanks to its handy format, the AiroDoctor Mini fits in any bag and can easily be taken anywhere: To the hotel room, to the meeting or to school.

  • The device stands safely on any table and fits perfectly in the cup holder of a car
  • In battery mode, the Mini runs for over four hours  on the lowest setting  and can then be recharged via a USB-C port
  • As already known from the other AiroDoctor devices: Maintenance and cleaning are easy and straightforward, the photocatalytic filter is maintenance-free and does not need to be replaced. This means that the AiroDoctor Mini does not come with any high maintenance costs for qualified technical personnel.


→ Watch the video and learn more about the AiroDoctor Mini: