The prolonged inhalation of mold spores represents a danger to society that is currently greatly underestimated, and this can cause respiratory difficulties and allergies. However, there are now some preventive actions to reduce its spread on office and restaurant surfaces.


What is mold?

Everyone comes into contact with mold in their lifetime. Fungi have spread in almost every space we frequent. Their spores are present in the air and are inhaled by humans and animals. However, this does not seem to pose a health risk to healthy people, as it only becomes a problem when the spores find a substrate that offers the ideal conditions to live.

The mold forms mycelium, a network of microscopically small filiform cells, which can be seen as mold growth with the naked eye.


How dangerous can mold spores be?

As mentioned above, the concentration levels of mold spores that are present in the environment do not appear to present a health hazard to healthy people. Spores inhaled through the respiratory tract can be eliminated quickly and without the appearance of symptoms thanks to the body's defenses that are responsible for fighting and eliminating them.

However, inhaling high concentrations could represent a serious risk even for healthy people, and this occurs when the fungus has been spread for a long time on the surface of spaces such as offices, stores, and commercial spaces such as restaurants.

Among the most common symptoms are breathing difficulties, persistent headache, sleep disorders, irritation of mucous membranes, and coughing or sneezing.


What causes black mold in vents and ductwork?

Duct mold usually appears when there is moisture inside any duct or vent, as this is the perfect space for bacteria to proliferate. As cold air flows through these air mechanisms, moisture in the air can condense and remain there in the form of mold spores. However, conditions must be right for spores to develop.

A single spore can enter your office and begin to reproduce and spread if conditions permit. In general, they tend to feed in hot, humid climates.


Signs of Mold in Air Ducts

It is necessary to know how to identify the appearance of mold in air conditioning ducts, take action in time and prevent health risks to employees or customers. Here are some signs that mold spores have infested your business:

  • Musty or musty odor. It may be stronger in enclosed spaces such as bathrooms and offices and may become more noticeable when the air conditioning is turned on.
  • Mold growth in vents is visible. If it is seen in a specific area, it may be likely to be found on other surfaces as well.


How to Prevent Mold Growth in Air Systems or Vents

Our AiroDoctor In-Duct Air Purification V10P-ID can be used directly in the air duct and placed directly in the air conditioning system so that the entire air duct is free of airborne mold spores.

Thanks to the UV-A LED photocatalyst system, AiroDoctor can permanently eliminate the appearance of viruses, bacteria, and odors without leaving chemical residues such as ozone and formaldehyde. It can be applied to new ventilation system installations as well as for upgrading existing ones.

Fanless In-Duct photocatalysis is based on a cleaning system for airflow in HVAC systems of any size and is ideal for new buildings or for retrofitting HVAC systems. Anyone with a flow rate of up to 10m/s could be equipped and upgraded by using the right adapters and channel diameters.


Benefits of Getting Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning has multiple benefits, from improving the air quality inside office spaces and assuring employees and customers, to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems. Here we will explain in detail each of the advantages of hiring an air duct cleaning service.


Helps improve air quality in offices and restaurants.
This allows everyone in the indoor space to be safe, particularly those who may suffer from respiratory conditions and illnesses. This benefit is especially important considering that all employers should ensure the well-being of employees and consumers within their offices.

Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.
Professional cleaning services usually get rid of dust, dirt, and allergens. This will allow you to significantly improve indoor air quality, contributing to healthy breathing within the space.

Removal of small airborne contaminants and mold that are too small to see.
Air duct cleaning services are very thorough. This is great news for most homeowners because it means you'll get rid of a major microbe: mold. Mold spores are not visible to the human eye, so you never know how much mold may be in the air. Professional air duct cleaning services will make sure all of these unwanted microbes are gone from your offices.

Improving the overall efficiency of your HVAC system
Dirty HVAC systems can become bogged down. By cleaning your air ducts, you may find yourself with a lower energy bill as your HVAC systems become much more efficient.