One in three employees is afraid of an infection

Concerns about contracting SARS-CoV-2 are still as high among employees as they were at the beginning of the pandemic. What have employers done about it so far? How is the situation evolving during the third wave? What role can professional air purifiers play in health and safety protection at the workplace?

The data is clear: a good third of employees are afraid of catching the disease at work and on the way to work. These are the findings of a major survey conducted by, a website of the Hans Böckler Foundation's Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI). had continuously collected data since the beginning of the pandemic: The figures at the beginning of 2021 were on average similar to those at the start of the pandemic (35% in each case); only in the summer months of 2020 did these figures drop to as low as 25%.


At school, in retail stores, in the office

It is not surprising that the fear was and is particularly high among people in social professions, i.e. teachers, educators or nurses. Here, more than half of the respondents said they felt at risk in the workplace. Among employees in sales, the figure was also just under half. And even occupational groups that apparently do not work in direct contact with customers or patients said they were worried: in production, it was one in three, as well as among office workers.


What about health and safety protection at the workplace?

What have employers done so far? About half of the employees surveyed said that their employer had taken sufficient protective measures. A third only moderately agreed with the measures, and just under 13% largely found them missing. There was also criticism that employers did not always completely think through health and safety protection at the workplace: Structures and processes were often adapted, but employees were then expected to cope with the additional workload, for example through protective clothing and FFP2 masks.


Mental health also suffers

The problem: Continuous worries about infection in the workplace can become a serious psychological burden in the long run. When workers are left alone with their fear, that strain increases even more. In an already difficult overall situation with lockdowns, school closures and contact restrictions, this is not a good outlook for the health of teachers, educators, nurses or workers.


Air purifier reduces the risk of infection

So the big question is: How can the risk of infection in the workplace be reduced in addition to the familiar rules such as mouth/nose protection and distancing? The answer is simple, studies prove it, and the technology is available: air purifiers like the AiroDoctorⓇ significantly reduce the risk of infection via infectious aerosols - in schools, offices, and retail stores.

Scientific studies have shown that the AiroDoctor reduces the risk of infection in the same way as intensive window ventilation, namely by 50% in each case. If window ventilation and AiroDoctor were used in combination, the reduction was even more than 70%. Investing in an AiroDoctor is therefore a logical and sustainable solution for a greater employee safety. Not only is the risk of infection reduced, but also the fear of infection. For healthy, relaxed cooperation in the workplace, whether in daycare facilities, on the assembly line or in shared and open office spaces.