It is increasingly difficult to imagine a world without mobile phones or all our devices connected to the Internet. Today, automobiles to air purifiers use IoT technology, and experts predict that the trend will continue even more strongly.

IoT leverages the Internet to connect electronic devices that people use every day. These elements are integrated with sensors and software. The technology allows your smart devices to send, receive, communicate and interpret information and data from connected devices in real-time.

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What are the benefits of IoT?

In addition to being a great technological alternative for companies and industries worldwide, IoT also has the following benefits:

  • 2 decades ago, a mobile phone was just a device to receive calls and send text messages. With it was not possible to take photographs, listen to music, watch movies or access the Internet. However, today you can do all this in one device because IoT provides connectivity to devices and people around the world.
  • IoT technology has simplified personal and business life. For example, people no longer walk to the bank to deposit or withdraw money. They no longer buy envelopes and stamps to pay the bills. Government agencies can be accessed online, and libraries of books, music, and videos have been replaced by e-books and streaming services.
  • One of the promises of IoT is to protect the environment and make life more sustainable. It has achieved this through smart technology that helps people monitor natural resources, energy use, and water.


What are the IoT promises for the future?

As experts predict, IoT is a technology with a great future projection. In that sense, what are the promises of this technology for the coming years?

5G: This is an emerging IoT technology that will shape 2022. New telecom standard promises high bandwidth, higher wireless data rate, and improved signal quality that will revolutionize IoT capabilities
Blockchain: This is the latest trend in IoT technology aimed at providing better methods of security and data protection for IoT devices and networks. Blockchain technology ensures tamper-resistant data logs and transactions are verified to mitigate security breaches and avoid disputes in IoT systems.


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